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After a pause…

Posted on Mar 30, 2017 by in Blog |

It’s almost eighteen months since since my last post and a lot has happened to cause the delay. I have had a cataract operation the house has had a new roof plus lots of other small jobs. My shed has been finished which was a great relief. I now have a studio/mancave…

The Man-Cave

Then my kiln had a melt down which caused some concern but was eventually fixed. With the pottery back in action I have made a few figurative pieces that helped with the frustration…

My version of ‘The Golem’ in porcelain

The garden has come on a pace with the help of Mandy our, biker girl, Gardner. 

I have been able to make a lots of bonsai pots and now have 50 trees in training.

This is a Stinking Cedar collected locally







I have also taken two Oxford University Short Courses one on Ancient Mesopotamia and the other on the origins of the Celts which seemed topical given where we now live. This has led to my first entry on the ‘Creative Thoughts ‘ page ‘Origins’.

My thanks to Chesney for the architecture of this site and for the stimulus to re-engage

My posts should be more regular from now on…